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Short Articles for Reprinting

Please request permission for use and re-printing of the short articles written by Dr. Hellerstein at info@LynnHellerstein.com

Shorts articles – 250-370 word articles on the following: Can Your Child Really See? You Need to See to Visualize (hockey related) Go Beyond the Eye Chart to Really Check Your Child’s Vision You Need to See To Visualize (general sports)

Short articles on Organize It! including organizational skills for:

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Published Articles & Booksea_featured_1

Some of the reference articles and books below are published by Dr. Hellerstein, and others include other authors from the fields of optometry, medicine, education, psychology and various therapeutic fields. The references are cataloged by topic.

Vision and Learning Articles

Vision and Learning Books

  • Clark, F& C. Hassle-Free Homework. Doubleday;1989.
  • Cook, D. When Your Child Struggles: The Myths of 20/20 Vision. Invision Press: 2004.
  • Eide, B & F. The Mislabeled child. Hyperion: 2006.
  • Fishman-McCaffrey, B., Dunnigan, P, Hellerstein, L. See It. Say It. Do It! ORGANIZE IT! Workbook. HiClear Publishing 2011
  • Furth, H &Wachs, H. Thinking Goes to School. Oxford University Press: 1975.
  • Hellerstein, L. See It. Say It. Do It! HiClear Publishing: 2010.
  • Silverman, L. The Visual-Spatial Identifier- Upside Down Brilliance; DeLeon Publishing: 2002.
  • Vitale, B. Unicorns are Real. Jalmar Press: 1982.
  • Barry, S. Fixing My Gaze. Basic Books:2009
  • Hoopes, A & Applebaum, S. Eye Power: An Updated Report of Vision Therapy. BookSurge Publishing:2009
  • Press, L. Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy. OEP:2008
  • Benoit, R & J. Jillians Story– How Vision Therapy Changed My Daughter’s Life: 2010
  • Eide, B & F. Dyslexic Advantage. Hudson Street Press: 2011
  • Rosen, W.  The Hidden Link Between Vision & Learning: Why Millions of Learning-Disabled Children Are Misdiagnosed.  Rowman & Littlefield:2016

Visualization Books & Articles

  • Bandler, R. Using your Brain for a Change. Real People Press: 1985.
  • Belknap, M. Taming Your Dragons. D.O.K. Publishers;1986.
  • Canfield, J. Success Principles. Harper Resource Book;2005
  • Canfield, J. & Sandella, D. Awakening Power;2009.
  • Farnsworth, C. See It & Sink It. Harper Collins Publishers: 1997.
  • Forest, E. Visual Imagery—An Optometric Approach. OEP: 1981.
  • Hellerstein, L. See It. Say It. Do It! HiClear Publishing:2010
  • Lampert, L. The Pro’s Edge. Saturn Press: 1998.
  • Lyons, E. How to Use Your Power of Visualization. OEP: 1980.
  • Porter, K. Visual Athletics. Wm.C. Publishers: 1990.
  • Reznick, C. Imagery for Kids. 2009.
  • Sandella, D. Releasing the Inner Magician. www.innermagician.com; 2002.
  • Vitale, B. Unicorns are Real. Jalmar Press;1982.
  • Mindful-Time Magazine 2014

Vision Therapy

3D Stereo Vision

Visual Consequences of Brain Injury

Sports Vision

Vision Development

Vision in Special Populations – ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Developmental Delays

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