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Lynn-CGT 2017

A Life of Expecting Miracles

Our vision does not limit us. We limit our vision with our beliefs, behaviors and attitudes. Expand your vision. See beyond the predictable!

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Is Your Child Visually Ready For School? Seeing Beyond 20/20

This webinar is loaded with information to help you spot the signs and symptoms of vision problems and learn about the link between vision and learning.

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Tinted lenses

Light sensitivity and headaches relieved by tinted lenses

KW, 19 year old female, suffered from #headaches and #lightsensitivity for years.

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Tip #41 Visualization – Sports prep for a team. Improve your vision!

Sports preparation starts with working on your own personal preparation. If you play on a team, next is to bring yourself—strong, powerful, and confident—to the team. If you’re a coach, the next exercise is an example of using visualization with the team.   Coach: Think of a time when you and the team played a big match: when you were […]

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visualization for kids sports

Tip #37 VISUALIZATION Script for ages 9-13

Visualization for kids sports: PARENT: Find a relaxing place to sit or lie down. Breathe in and out (pause). In and out. Gently close your eyes and allow your body to relax.

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#36 V I S U A L I Z AT I O N Script for ages 5-8

Parents or coaches can use this visualization for any sport. Improve your child’s vision.

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Gymnast colored

Tip #35 It’s never too early to start visualizing.

Even young kids can benefit from visualization. Young or older, the key is to practice DAILY—at home or at your sports activity.

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