The Developmental Vision Model

Take a look at the illustration below. This represents a DevelopmentalModel of Vision.

The outer circle represents the life activities that are important to your child:
school, work, coordination/sports, play, relationships and success in life.
A strong foundation is required upon which to build. The foundation is
represented as the central core of the concentric circles. This core includes the structural integrity of the vision system; that is, the physical health of the eyes, eyesight, and the visual pathways.

Developmental model of vision

Developmental model of vision

The first concentric circle outside of the core represents visual efficiency; i.e.
how well the eyes fixate (look), follow (track), fuse (coordinate together), and
focus (make objects clear). These visual skills are movement-based.
The second concentric circle out from the core represents visual information
processing (understanding what we see, where things are in space, integration of visual information with other senses, eye-hand-body coordination, visual memory, and visualization).

This Model of Vision represents the basis for the evaluation and treatment
for your child when he is examined by a developmental optometrist. As you
can easily see, there is so much more than 20/20 eyesight to consider. Even if
one eye doctor says your child has 20/20, it doesn’t mean all these other vision skills have been appropriately evaluated. Read more about developmental optometry in the Appendix of my book, See It. Say It. Do It!

See It. Say It. Do It!

See It. Say It. Do It!


By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, #ColoradoOptometrist in #VisionTherapy


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