How Can My Child See Well and Still Have a Vision Problem?

Thanks to Dr. Dan Fortenbacher for his great blog, Good sight and bad vision…recognizing the difference and how to explain it to parents.

Here his simple answer:

“Yes your child may have good eyesight, but from what I can see, he has poor vision skills and that it is important that they make an appointment with a doctor who specializes in developmental vision for an examination?”

While the question may look complex, the answer is not. Simply put, “Vision occurs not in the eyes but in the brain. The eyes are the sensory receptors. Yes, it is absolutely essential to examine a child’s eye health, eye sight and to determine whether there is a need for corrective eye glasses, even as an infant. But, when a child has developmental delays, those delays will often effect the dominant sensory system of the brain…vision.  Therefore a child may have good eyesight and still have bad vision…that is to say, delays in vision development.   These conditions are diagnosed by a doctor of optometry who specializes in developmental vision and vision therapy.”


By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Colorado Optometrist in Vision Therapy, Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center PC


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